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Welcome to Your Natural Image natural hair care salon.  
This is a all-natural hair salon with a few exceptions, serving men, women and
children.  We have a  very relaxed and  peaceful environment. Your time is
your time, so no setting and waiting to be served. Which is why we are by
appointment only.    
Your Natural Image specialize in natural hair styling, transition to natural styles,
weaves,  locs, sisterlocks,  braids and twists plus much more.  Even if you have
relaxed hair and are transitioning, we can still services you.  Please visit the
hair Gallery for a complete visual image of our work.  
Our team of  professional use products that are specially formulated to nourish
natural hair and that are made with the earth's best essential oils and natural
ingredients. The salon is committed to helping you embrace, love and flaunt
your natural hair; therefore, no chemical relaxer services are performed (only
color services).  If you have any questions about Services offered, prices,
discounts that are available, our to set up and appointment, pleases don't
hesitate to call (816)444-4048, or email  

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