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Sisterlocks Starter Shampoo
Helps hair grab to start locking process
Green Tea Shampoo
This midly alkaline shampoo works best in tightly-coiled hair that is often fragile and hard to soften and moisturize. Use sparingly full strength, or dilute up to 2 parts water.
Herbal Spray Moisturizer
Natural luster. Great mid-week refresher! Non-oily, and actually draws moisture into hair strands. Use sparingly, especially on curl sets. Great for freestyle.
Moisture Treatment
Its Cold-cream consistency works well on both the scalp and in the hair. Work completely into the hair. Can be dilute with 2 parts water and used as a spray moisturizer. Has a softening effect on the hair. Washes out completely with every shampoo.
Sisterlocks Salon Shampoo
This shampoo has a slightly acid pH. It works best in hair that has a medium to loose wave pattern. Enjoy how it deep cleans and moisturizes. Use sparingly full strength, or dilute up to 2 parts water.
Contains high quality, foodgrade proteins. Works well on fragile and color treated hair. Really tell the difference with monthly conditioning treatment! Apply liberally after shampooing- use plastic cap or towel to 'steam' for 30-minutes or under dryer for 10 minutes. Perishable! Dispense with spatula or spoon. Store in a cool, dry place.
Fresh Hair Mist - Peppermint
An essential oil Peppermint is helpful in soothing itching and irritable skin. Provides a wonderful scent to the hair and soothes the scalp
Lock Loops
Lock Loops hair curlers are designed strong enough for locs, so they work on all types of hair! Lock Loops produce amazing curls with locs, braids, loose, fine, wavy, or thick hair. Designed to be durable, but still soft enough to sleep in!With our unique notch-locking system, Lock LoopsTM curlers lock into place and won't slip out! Lock LoopsTM are made from a special material specifically designed for the heavier requirements of locs.30 loops