Fusion/Micro Link Right for You
Copyright 2007

Fusions/Miro Links are a great way for adding additions to your hair, however, not everyone is
allowed the hair experience of wearing the fusion technique.  

Fusion/Micro Link is NOT  recommended for the following people:
Those with extreme thinning and damage around the  top portion of the head to the point where
there is little to no hair left on the head. Although fusion/micro link may not be the best option,
there are other options available. Please call to enquire.
If you have experienced extreme thinning- the best option is too immediately stop any chemical
usage on the hair.  Give your hair a break for at least three months or until the hair begins to
grow back.  Deep conditioning treatments are also recommended.
Those with hair shorter than two inches long.  Although some people still insists and have made
fusion/micro links work with hair shorter than 2 inches-  it is not recommended.

Fusion/Micro Links is for those with:
Hair at least 2 inches long and relatively healthy
It is recommended to have hair trimmed and freed from split ends
Those who have experienced damage from color treatments, relaxers, and over-processing
and would like to give their hair a break.  Please note that if the damage received from the
above listed treatments is not highly severe, than fusion is right for you.  If the damage has left
your hair in an extremely critical condition, please wait at least 2 months before receiving the
fusion process.
Fusions are a fun and flexible way of wearing your hair.  When your natural hair is in relatively
good condition, fusion/micro links can make your hair look lustrous, fuller, and longer. Fusion
has many styling options and allows great freedom in the ways in which one can style their hair.
If you question the condition of your hair, please call for a
note: Micro Link is great for African-American hair No Heat No Glue.
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